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Gas Distribution System

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Gas Distribution System

The gases required for the laboratory devices are determined at the beginning of the project and the outlet points are processed on the project accordingly. Depending on the characteristics of the gases used, the stainless steel or copper tubes are used for the lines from stored gas bottles to the gas outlets at the laboratory ready to be connected to designated equipment. Specific Gas Generators can also be supplied for the gases whenever available .Gas distribution system is integrated with user-friendly facilities such as leak detection systems, gauges showing the current pressure at the outlets, tube-end alarm panels (important in cases where laboratory consumption is very high).


Clear Filters

Laboratuvar mobilyaları, laboratuvarın kullanım amacı ve fiziksel imkanlarına göre optimum düzeyde kullanımı sağlamak amacı ile projelendirilme aşamasında detay çalışmaları yapılarak üretime alınmaktadır.

Mobile laboratories for field use can be designed for the vehicle choosen according to the requirements. Mobile laboratories are designed, and put into service according to the analysis to be made…

Scrubber is connected to fume hood in order to prevent the release of acid vapors into atmosphere. It works with the principle of neutralizing acid vapors…

Benches taken into production after completion of detailed studies during the projecting phase in order to ensure the optimum use according to the purpose , and physical possibilities of the laboratory.

As completion of turnkey laboratory installation, analytical and basic laboratory equipment can also be provided ,and within this context variety of sectors such as, Mining Industry, Chemical Industry…

Special solutions for your laboratory need at remeore areas are offered as container laboratory, which is especially designed for use at mining sites. The laboratories designed in 20 ft or 40 ft container…

Since no metallic part is used in the production of PP fume hood , it can operate without any problems for many years in laboratories where intense acid vapors exists. There are different options in size with width of 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm .