Electrical projects are prepared in accordance with the energy needs of the utilities , and laboratory equipment to be used determined during the projecting phase. All materials used during implementation meets all the national and international standards.


Mechanical Installation

Ventilation and air conditioning systems, one of the most important installations of laboratories, are designed and implemented by expert mechanical engineers in line with the specific needs of the laboratory. If needed automation systems that performs of automatic control of temperature, humidity, and pressure parameters without the need of user intervention can be applied. Environmentally friendly laboratories are created by utilizing scrubber (gas washing) systems which are specially designed for laboratories where chemical exhaust is intense. For projects where microbiological load or particle load needs to be controlled, HEPA filters are applied, also negative and positive pressure rooms can be created according to the needs.



This stage can be either the restoration of an existing space or the construction of a reinforced concrete or construction of a prefabricated building. In line with the approved project, mechanical, electrical, gas installation, fire extinguishing installation, laboratory benches (laboratory furniture) are manufactured, and installed according to the needs. Where necessary and required, static, mechanical and electrical projects are submitted as approved in line with current regulations

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Project design studies are carried out in line with the identified needs , and discoveries, and the works are continued after the approval of our customer. We offer alternative studies in line with the agreed points. We present your laboratory working environment with 3D animation projects before manufacturing step , and we consider all the details before hand to ensure that there is no missing point.

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Project Consultancy

We listen, understand and speak the same language with our laboratory experience of more than 30 years at the meetings held to design your laboratory in the most suitable way for your needs and purpose.